Blade 3: Breaking Free by Tim Bowler

‘Blade: Breaking Free’ is the captivating third section of the ‘Blade’ series. The thrilling plot grips the reader in a way that can only be associated with Tim Bowler’s writing skills.

This book continues Blade’s story with him suffering in hospital from a head wound that could have ended his life.  His tussle with death is a fight in which he knows he will eventually succumb but for now Blade has the strength to force the continuation of his life. But death is sly and will use any means possible to bring a quick end.  And soon he realises that for every minute he rests in a hospital bed, the men who are after him edge closer and closer to his location.  So, injured and weak, Blade knows he has to run if he wishes to prolong his short but eventful life.  Rapidly he finds himself on the rooftops of London making an escape from those that want him dead.  Unfortunately these people are extremely persistent and Blade is barely able to catch his breath before he needs to evade them once again.  The question in the third novel of this encapsulating series is not whether Blade will keep on running but will this time death catch up?

The energetic and fast pace set by Bowler in writing his novels carries the reader through the novel without allowing for a pause, thus making this book extremely hard to put down.  The constant action and suspense that support the main themes in the story keep the reader on edge and constantly wanting to turn the next page.  The issues encountered in the book also show the frightening realities of life on the street and the constant threats that gang culture can pose.  The graphical descriptions may be off-putting to younger readers but it is a shorter novel that will entice many teenagers who struggle to read into attempting longer books and hopefully allowing them to gain a love for reading.   I would recommend this book to 12+ boys, although it can also be read by girls, for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Douglas, 17


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